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Wonderworld - Fredag 19. feb.

Wonderworld - Fredag 19. feb.

Dato: 19. februar 2016. Lokasjon: Go2Gate, Finnsnes
NOK 100 per stk.
Wonderworld - Lørdag 20. feb.

Wonderworld - Lørdag 20. feb.

Dato: 20. februar 2016. Lokasjon: Go2Gate, Finnsnes
NOK 150 per stk.

About the tickets

All the tickets gives you access to the events as well as lunch Saturday and Sunday and coffee, tea and fruit all days. Only the total packages takes care of your stay as well.

The total package(s)

The total packages includes a hotelroom (Friday-Sunday), all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), coffee, tea and fruit all days as well as the full convention.

For single occupancy the price is 6200 NOK.

For double occupancy the price is 6000 NOK per person and it requires minimum 2 persons in each room. Please note in the COMMENT/KOMMENTAR field if and who you are to share a room with, and AFPT will take care of everything.

For international guests that need to stay to the next day, please send and email to info@afpt.no.

Fredag 4. Mars 2016, Go2Gate



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